Tenby® uses 100% ORGANIC COTTON |  GROWN IN USA 

Why Choose Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton is one of the few fabrics being made in the USA. Most fabrics come from offshore and we no longer even have the equipment to knit them here. Some cotton farmers have returned to the original, natural way of growing cotton, but they need a market to sell the cotton.

We feel that Organic Cotton is not only a better choice for the environment, but a better choice for your body. After all, the skin is the largest organ in your body and absorbs everything through the pores.

The main benefit of organic materials, is that the crops aren't treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Organisms. These toxins are harmful for farmers and workers, us as consumers, and entire wildlife eco-systems. Production cost: It is more expensive to produce. It does away with dangerous and toxic chemicals, Farmers use only natural cotton seeds instead of processed ones. However, without the chemicals weeds are a big problem to the cotton and the farmers need twice the labor of a non-organic farm to keep the weeds under control naturally. Better for the Environment: Results from an agriculture and environmental friendly method are better for every creature too. Producing organic cotton uses lower carbon due to lesser fuel and energy consumption. Because it goes through a chemical free production process, it also prevents water contamination. The health of workers are also not compromised. Lastly, the use of excessive fertilizers and pesticides also cause irreparable damage to the environment. Runoff of toxic chemicals into the water table is also eliminated

Why Organic is important - Texas
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How it’s harvested / Kansas
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